Jewelry that can be worn day and night
to create a spectacular warm look.
Buy your custom made necklace today and wear it for life.
Our personalized jewelry are made as Monogram pendants, name necklaces, Family tree of life necklace, boy-girl pendants, butterflies, birds, bees, horses, rabbits, cats, dogs, Musical instruments, violins, saxophones, guitars, harmonicas, pianos, music notes, Hebrew name necklaces, chai pendants, magen davids, hearts, roller skates, ice skates, keys &
many more exquisite charm name necklaces.
Art & photography that are simple & express beautiful emotions.
I use my hands so I can focus on uniqueness and quality, not quantity.
I will always keep my old & only tradition of handmade. 
Ely has been designing & creating personalized jewelry for 46 years now.
He must be doing something right to be in business this many years. 
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Your Monogram Name Necklace
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All our Jewelry is made in Israel