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Animal Necklaces.

Animal name necklaces.
Personalized deer, fox, horses, dogs. Custom handmade with English or Hebrew names.
We can custom make any
pendant, for you.....  Deer, buffalo, dog, monkey, frog, duck, bear,
sea horse, fish & many other animals.
Please write to us HERE       or call us at  307 203 5492.                    We are here to help.
personalized horse name necklace
History of Animal personalized name necklace jewelry.

Animals are a fascination & attachment to people since the beginning of time.


In Genesis we see that God created the animals before humans. Living creatures in the water, birds over the land & that can fly were created on the 5th day, Land animals, insects and then Adam & Eve were created on the 6th day.


God gave Adam the high honor of naming each animal on land & creatures in the water. Later Noah was commanded by God to build an ark to house all the animals of the world for God was going to destroy mankind with huge floods so the animals of the earth will continue to flourish after the floods.


There were thousands of living species that stayed with Noach in the ark. Male & female of each species included, birds, land creatures, from elephants to the tiniest insects. Noach fed & cared for all these living species for 120 days while he was in the Ark during the floods.


Can you imagine all the different foods that were stored on the ark during the floods to feed all the animals from the biggest animals to the tiniest insect that were on the ark for those long three month !!  Wow.


For Noach this was a very huge undertaking & responsibility to keep all these living creatures alive. From the biblical stories of Adam & Noah we see that they both had a deep care for animals throughout their lives.


Through the years since the floods, in Greek & Roman times people wore animal Jewelry made from wood, brass, gold, silver to show their love & devotion for their pets. The jewelry were necklace pendants made from, cats, dogs, horses, elephants, bees, butterflies & many other animals.


Today some of these animals are made by machine or laser cut into personalized jewelry of inferior quality, from silver, gold plated metals, brass or plated silver.


In 2003 Ely started experimenting with meticulously crafting names into animal pendants made from sterling silver or gold. These pendants are, birds, cats, horses, bees, rabbits, butterflies, foxes & many others.


Many more necklaces of other animals with names are on the way. The animal necklaces featured on our website are the result of many years of hard work & skilled designing. These unusual rare animal pendants can only be found on our website. On one of our cat pendants the names are only 2MM wide. Our animal pendants measure from sizes of 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches & can be made in gold or silver. You can show your devotion to your pet & have a beautiful necklace with your own pet’s names on it.


Buy one today from      Your Monogram Name Necklace.




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