All our personalized name necklace jewelry & art shown is made by hand & made in the USA in our gallery shop.


All our name necklaces & art is exclusively sold on our website or in our showroom.


Our aim is to give you exclusive attention & an easy purchase experience.

We hope to assure you the same commitment when you visit our website........

Unlike many other websites where contact between seller & buyer is restricted

you can speak to us directly by phone or visit our gallery with confidence.


Our unusual, unique, handcrafted personalized necklaces, can only be found on our website.

Every name necklace that we hand make will have

Ely's personal signature "HAND" engraved on the back.




Please click samples that Ely signed with a pen.





We sell our jewelry to the private retail customer only.

If any of our jewelry or photographs are seen on other websites or retail stores,

then it is being sold without the permission of Your Monogram Name Necklace &

the retail price for that jewelry is 2 to 3 times higher than the price we charge in our own gallery.


Please be aware that photographs of our jewelry are illegally posted on image areas

of the internet & when clicked on will take you to a competitors website.

On images on the internet you should only see the words 

Yourmonogramnamenecklace written under the image.

Please be aware of look alike photographs & copies of our jewelry that are illegally made by our competitors in the USA & overseas as they are of inferior quality & are not a

Your Monogram Name Necklace quality personalized name necklace.


The photos below with the machine made or copied items were not altered or changed.

The difference between our pendants & the inferior jewelry is striking.


Please Click here to read about the sad truth how cheap inferior jewelry is made &

we hope you will put your trust in us & hear from you.



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All our Jewelry is made in Israel