Boy girl name necklace.

Hello everybody

Wow, we kids were handcrafted by Ely. We are 4 brothers & one sister.
Our names are Adriano, Lucas, Kaio, Anthony & Vitoria.
We were entirely handcrafted with a saw frame. By hand, handmade.
We can not believe Ely was able to craft us.
We are only 1 inch tall & made from 18K gold.
Doing the 3D Engraving by hand was not easy. Ely had to be so careful not to scratch our cute faces.

Oh my, when it came to taking pictures of us OOOH, it was harder for Ely to photograph us then to craft us.
Well, here we are. Our GMommy will be SOOOO happy to wear us & show us off.
Made in December 2016.


    • We come with a shiny, cross hatch florentine or matte finish.
    • We like to be attached to a rope or link chain. Chains come from 14 to 18 inches long.
    • Oh, if you like our 3D hand engraved finish as in our hair there is $25.00  to $43.00 charge for each boy or girl pendant, depending on the size child you would like us to be engraved.

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