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About Ely's art

Ely's art & Logos of excellence.


 These are art works & logos that were featured on many of Ely's websites through out the years.

Ely drew all the artwork professionally & exclusively on

Microsoft paint. Pixel by pixel.


We posted a few pictures of snow scenery & other artworks

Ely drew over the years.


These art works measures 64 by 52 inches when a large color print is made. It took Ely nearly 4 years to complete the beautiful snow scenery & 1 year to design his Logo.

Drawn pixel by pixel.



We are magnified. Please click on us. You will be amazed how good we look close up.

Your name necklace art
Winter snow scenery art color-print your monogram name necklace
Magen David art

Click on each picture to see a closer view

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