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 Monogram Necklace.

Explore our most sought after Monogram necklaces and pendants, from captivating designs from gold to silver styles perfect for everyday.

Don't settle for ordinary necklace. Insist on the craftsmanship and beauty of the fine jewelry only found on Your Monogram Name Necklace.

With over 37 years of experience as a jeweler, Ely is the only designer with the online jewelry store you can trust & if you'd like to have your breath taken away in person, with a heartwarming compliment from your friends & family so put 

your trust with us & buy your monogram from us today. 

All monograms are available in sterling silver, 14K & 18K gold.

A monogram necklace is a great gift for a bridesmaid &
the perfect gift for your loved ones.

                                            From a happy customer


I cannot believe how much detail is in this tiny monogram. At first I was going to order larger but I wanted something more dainty. This necklace is beautiful. It looks like a round disc from afar and then close up, you can tell its a monogram. Thinking of ordering a larger size too to switch it up as well as the children pendant. Such high quality I am really really happy with this piece. I got 2 compliments the first day I wore it!

Silver Monogram necklace pendant.
For buying instructions Please click HERE   
& read all instructions.
The history of a personalized monogram as jewelry.

Monograms have been popular for many generations dating back to ancient Greek & Roman times. Worn by monarchs, kings, politicians & celebrities dating back to the 6th century B.C. In those days monograms were hand made on coins & initial monograms were a good sign of prestige in upper class rich families.


Soon every household boasted their own form of monogram styles: embroidered monogram letters for noblemen, simple personalized stamps for the lower class.


Today you can find monograms printed on wine glasses, silver ware, dishes, blankets, pillows & made as a beautiful pin or necklace from 2, 3 or 4 initials.


Today the monogram is the most popular piece of jewelry of all hand made personalized jewelry. It’s refined script swirl initial lettering amaze & attracts buyers from all cultures from around the world.


Now you can be a proud owner of your own monogram, hand made with your own initials from gold or silver. You can express your love, emotions & feelings by giving a gift to your cherished or precious most loved one, weather it is your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter or your very close friend.

Now you can feel important and sport your very own initials, when you are at a wedding, party or any important event, all in your own hand made refined necklace.

You can have your monogram attached to a chain on the sides or attached to your center initial.


All our Monograms are handmade in sizes from 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter.


All monogram pendants can be made as pins, added charges apply.


Prices for all our monogram necklaces are adjustable according to change of style or quality.


Today you can view these magnificent necklaces on our website.

You can buy a Personalized monogram necklace at an affordable price atn  Your, Monogram Name Necklace .


It  will be personalized with your initials handcrafted especially for you.



 You will be proud in wearing a unique necklace & it is exclusively

                                  Your Monogram Necklace.   





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