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How Ely draws his art.

All artwork of this page are here, enjoy.
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Ely's beautiful art

Microsoft Paint is a simple art program used by people, kids & amatures who like to draw.


Professional artists have done some remarkable & stunning art on this simple paint software. Ely is one of those professional artists who uses Microsoft Paint to create all of his art works, PIXEL by PIXEL.


When the first Windows paint was introduced 22 years ago with Windows 3.1, Ely started experimenting drawing on his computer with fantastic results. In those days the Windows format only supported a 16 bit color system. Ely was only able to make art work sizes of 900 by 700 pixels. Fast forward to today, Ely now draws formats that are 6000 by 5000 pixels, making this large size nearly 78 inches long (6 1/2 feet).


There are 180 to 300 Pixels per square inch & do not become enlarged as the size of the art work is increased. Which means Ely draws PIXEL by tiny PIXEL using a simple mouse to draw & create his beautiful art. The large formats are drawn in this way as well.


When a large professional photo color print is made from a large format the pixels are not visable on the print. Prints as small as post cards can be made as well.


The artwork in this color slide are blurred JPGs to prevent copyright infringement. This slide is for viewing purposes only. These professional prints are sharp, crisp, clear & look like water or oil paintngs.


The pixels are not visable in any of the art works especially on large prints.


These prints are available on a matte, semi gloss, gloss or on canvas, to give you a professional look.


Enjoy & I look forward to hearing from you.





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Move your mouse over art work & click to see the detail of this magnificent masterpiece.
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