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Machine made jewelry. Must read.

The sad truth about how personalized jewelry is manufactured today.
Family tree of life nme initial necklace

As industry changes to a world of computerized systems, many more products like expensive clothing, furniture, even classy high priced sport cars are now made by robotic machines, or by 3D printers.


This type of computerized technology has invaded the jewelry profession as well. As a result, there are millions of personalized jewelry products listed on the internet that are machine made or computerized jewelry.


These jewelry products are listed as a "handmade item".


However, this is false & misleading & buyers think they are buying a handmade necklace.


The pictures on the internet, especially the ones with white backgrounds are photoshopped to make the jewelry look thicker & heavier than they really are, but in reality the pendants, are so thin that you can almost 

bend them with your fingers.

All of these products are programmed, designed by computer & they are cut with a laser machine or a motorized cutting machine. The result is a cheaply made product of inferior quality. Most of these sellers do not know what a jewelry shop looks like. When you order a necklace from them many of these necklaces are drop shipped from an outside source & you will never know or find out who the real shipper maker is.


As a result many fine jewelry designers & artisans who design, create their beautiful art pieces, with great care, lost their livelyhoods & professions to these cheap products, that has infested the jewelry trade.


I also saw myself in the same predicament as many great artisans, only to have my livelyhood threatened by the manufacture of these poorly made products. 


Your, handmade jewelry, that you work hard to pay for & would like to enjoy wearing should not be made with such inferior low quality & should not be labled as, handmade.



Your PIZZA is made better, with much better quality & with greater care then todays, personalized jewelry.  

Your, personalized name necklace, should be, handmade, & with greater care then your PIZZA.


When using saw blades to handcraft a personalized pendant, especially monograms, you can do much more detail on the pendant, only crafted By Hand. Machine or laser cutters are unable to match the quality of a pendant handcrafted with a saw blade.

Please click RIGHT HERE to see the beautiful crafting process of your handmade necklace.


Last & most important. Your personalized name necklace is made with great care & love, just for you & you 

will be the proud owner of the finest handmade name necklace you can not buy any where else.



Our commitment to you is....that

 Your Monogram or Name Necklace    Is made the old fashioned way.

                      The only way a, personalized name necklace, is suppose to be handmade,

                      From the layout drawing, drawn by hand to being

                      handcrafted with a jewelers saw frame, cut with delicate jewelers saw blades-------                                         

                     The correct way.  

                     The right way.

                     Custom made.

                     The only way.

                     Handcrafted & Handmade. By hand.  




       All my personalized name necklace jewelry, on my website,

       are handcrafted with this same correct, perfect & beautiful professional way----

       Handmade & handcrafted by hand. Custom made,  just for you.










      Yours Sincerely            Ely Greenhut   
Ely's jewelry copied without permission.
It is easy to tell Ely's quality jewelry from the inferior made copies.
boy girl name necklace
shema yisrael necklace
boy girl name necklace
Ely in his workshop
Monogram necklace pendant
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