Machine made jewelry. Must read.

The sad truth about how personalized jewelry is manufactured today.

As industry changes to a world of computerized systems, many more products like expensive clothing, furniture, even classy high priced sport cars are now made by robotic machines, or by 3D printers.


This type of computerized technology has invaded the jewelry profession as well. As a result, there are millions of personalized jewelry products listed on the internet that are machine made or computerized jewelry.


These jewelry products are listed as a "handmade item".


However, this is false & misleading & buyers think they are buying a handmade necklace.


The pictures on the internet, especially the ones with white backgrounds are photoshopped to make the jewelry look thicker & heavier than they really are, but in reality the pendants, are so thin that you can almost 

bend them with your fingers.

      Yours Sincerely            Ely Greenhut   
Ely's jewelry copied without permission.
It is easy to tell Ely's quality jewelry from the inferior made copies.
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