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                                                                 Your Monogram Name Necklace.


  • Most important I would like you to be happy with your name necklace once you receive it.

  • If you are not satisfied with your necklace once you receive it, please return it before 15 days.

  • We are not responsible if spelling errors was by the buyer.

  • We are not responsible for damaged jewelry caused by the buyer.

  • Exchanges can be made but there is a 25% fee on all returned pendants.

  • The buyer must pay for shipping for any jewelry returned to us.

  • Once payment is received we complete most pendants from 7-10 days.

  • On bigger pendants like a family tree, pendants with many names we try to ship your jewelry by 21 days.

  • All our jewelry is "CUSTOM MADE BY HAND". 

  • Special care is taken for each pendant we craft & it takes time to make each personalized necklace.

Hello Dear Buyer


Thank You Kindly for visiting



Layout designs

  • A layout design for a pendant can take a few hours to hand draw.

  • If a buyer requests a layout design of a pendant before ordering, a $25.00 to $40.00 deposit is required before a layout is made.

  • Once you decide to buy your pendant the deposit will be part of the total amount of your pendant.


  • Regular shipping is included for all personalized name necklace jewelry ordered. 

  • If 2-3 day RUSH shipping is required, the shipping price is $10.00.

  • Overnight shipping is $24.00.

  • RUSH SHIPPING charges apply for all jewelry.

  • For RUSH overseas, shipping rates will be quoted to buyer once you buy your necklace.

  • Regular overseas shipping with a tracking number is $6.00.

Last & most important

With the internet reaching to far corners of the world, this website is the only way for you to view my unique jewelry, not sold anywhere else. Unfortunately, with this modern technology I can not greet you in person when you buy your necklace from me. This bothers me & I do not like to sell my jewelry this way. After all, when you buy your food you pay for your food "IN PERSON".

It would be great if you were able to buy your jewelry the same way as buying your food.


If you need help with your purchase I can be reached by phone at 479 287 9146.

Video calling is available. By Skype, my Skype name is ELY GREENHUT.


I look forward to hearing from you, personally.

Once you receive your name necklace, you should enjoy wearing your necklace for many years to come.


Sincerely ELY


P.S --Phone calls from telamarketers or email sales personal will be blocked.

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