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At YOUR MONOGRAM NAME NECKLACE, we create personalized monogrammed jewelry pendants for necklaces, bracelets, broaches and more. Each pendant is cut by hand with a saw frame, making these beautiful pendants completely unique. These pendants are our pride and joy, and make excellent gifts for any of your closest loved ones.

We choose to make our pendants the old fashioned way, with a saw frame, because it is the only way to truly deliver such delicate and intricate designs with the highest quality. When you choose YOUR MONOGRAM NAME NECKLACE, from Ely's unique collection of name necklaces you choose not only a beautifully handcrafted monogrammed pendant, but you are also choosing superior craftsmanship in a long tradition of jewelry cutting. We use the highest quality metals so that your pendant never tarnishes or stains your skin. All of our pendants are made from tarnish-free silver and gold, and each one is 100% unique and made by hand.

We wanted to create the most delicate and beautiful personalized pendants for our clients, and YOUR MONOGRAM NAME NECKLACE was born from this desire to create. We specialize in Hebrew and English pendants, signature pendants, animals, initials, and much more. If you have an idea, we want to make it real. Call us today.

At YOUR MONOGRAM NAME NECKLACE, we preserve a traditional, old-fashioned way of cutting jewelry with a saw frame using thin saw blades. This is the only way to achieve the highest level of detail and intricacy, and so we rely on this traditional method as insurance for the highest quality. Our pendants are all made by hand one by one, and so you will not find a superior product anywhere. We only sell our pendants to private customers, and never stores or online jewelry marketers, so you will never find one of our pendants in retail locations. We customize and personalize orders, and we can work with you to create anything you imagine. Give us a call, and we will discuss with you our designs and details.

Our focus at YOUR MONOGRAM NAME NECKLACE is monogrammed, personalized pendants and jewelry. We use tarnish-free silver and gold, and we cut all of these pendants by hand with a saw frame. We make fully customized personalized pendants for you and your loved ones, and each one is entirely unique.

One customer favorite is the signature pendant, with a name or signature etched onto a silver pendant. Another favorite is a personal pendant that holds the name of you or a loved one within a personally significant object: a roller skate, animal, music note, or flower. We even make family tree pendants that include the names of your most cherished family members within the lines of a beautiful tree design. This is a true family tree of life necklace, personalized with the names of your family.

Please look at our gallery for more ideas. The possibilities are endless!


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