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How your jewelry is made

     All the photographs of my jewelry on this website were taken by my myself with a canon camera. They are all natural without being retouched by photoshop. Although colorful & clear, most of the photographs do not do justice to the necklaces.

                                          Your name necklace is livelier & more natural in real.


           To prevent copyright infringement, all photographs on this website have been

                                                                slightly blurred.

Seeing is believing
See how close the handcrafted Monogram necklace resembles the layout.
monogram initial necklace
A Monogram Necklace with a shiny finish & after the 3D Finish is engraved handcrafted.
Monogral initial necklace
Before                            After
How Your Monogram Name Necklace and Your
Personalized initial pendant is handcrafted.


Dear Buyer,


Hello & Welcome to my online gallery. I am glad you stopped by. I do all my jewelry, art & layouts & photography of my  jewelry by hand. I greatly enjoy creating, designing & then handcrafting my personalized name necklace jewelry. 


Most of all, most important I want you to be totally satisfied & happy with your necklace once you receive it & you should enjoy wearing your necklace for a long time to come.


                    This beautiful process is explained in these few paragraphs.


Today, most personalized jewelry is commercially laser cut or cut by machine & are of inferior quality.


All my name necklace pendants are handmade, which means they are all cut with a jewelers saw frame with delicate saw blades, one by one & this is the only way I use to create my unusual, unique name necklace pendants.


A handmade personalized necklace that is handcrafted with saw blades allows you to do more detail then with a laser or machine cutter. Your name necklace comes out much nicer with alot more detail.


                                       How gold or silver is made for your pendant.


First, pure 24 Karet gold or pure silver is mixed with alloys & melted into a crucible to make 14K, 18K gold or silver. Then the hot liquid precious metal is poured into an ingot molder to form a flat gold or silver ingot. The size of the ingot is about 3 inches by 5 inches & is 3/16th of an inch thick.


Once the ingot cools off it is placed through a roller & the gold is thinned  to a desired thickness, usually the thickness of a half dollar (1.5 MM’s) for thicker pendants or to a dime (.75 MM.s) for thinner pendants.


                                                Crafting process of your necklace.


If your name necklace is a monogram, cat, musical instrument or butterfly, a layout design of your pendant is drawn completely by hand. The layout is about 8 inches in size so as much detail as possible can be drawn with clarity. Once the layout is finished & approved by the buyer I reduce it on a printer to the regular size of the pendant to be crafted & print the layout on special paper.

I use a water based glue to paste your layout on the precious metal sheet I am going to hand craft your pendant from. Very thin delicate saw blades are used for the handcrafting & cutting of each pendant. There are sections of the pendant where cutting needs to be done in a closed area, so I first have to drill those areas with a delicate small drill & then I proceed to cut the insides of your pendant. The inside sections of any pendant must be cut first before you finish the outside of your pendant.


After I finish the drilling & sawing process, I soak your pendant in water to remove the paper. Some corrections are made after the paper is removed. Surface finishes are a matte, cross hatch florentine or a shiny finish which can all be applied to enchase your pendant. Or, the pendant can be meticulously done with my special 3D engraved hand florentine finish. Special tools & brushes are used to craft the surface of your pendant. I have pendants with my special finish in my Monogram section & on my Family trees.


                                                   Polishing a pendant-shiny finish.


Most commercial pendants are polished by machine using a compound called red rough. The rough is smeared on a spinning brush, which turns 60 times per second.

The pendant is held firmly against the fast rotating brush connected to a polishing machine to give the pendant a high shine. It is a very unclean & unhealthy process.

The shiny finish on the pendant can come out streaky or the edges of the pendant are beveled which means a lot of metal was taken off the pendant. While the pendant is being polished fine red dust particles blows on the polisher who gets sprayed with these particles, which is very unhealthy. My Polishing technique for a rich shiny finish is preferred. The polishing process is done on a plastic film & the shine that is created is a flat near mirror finish relaxing to the eye. Your pendant comes out beautiful & is easy to admire.


                                                     Photographs of our Jewelry


All the pictures that are on my website, were photographed by myself. I use a Canon Mark 3 camera with a telephoto lens. I did not touch up any of the photographs with any computer software. They are all original for your viewing pleasure. Most of the photographs are slightly blurred to prevent copying.




Again, Thank You Kindly for visiting my website &


I hope to hear from you again




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