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Cat necklace & rabbit pendants.

These adorable cat name necklaces & rabbits name necklaces are handmade with your pet's names.

Each pet name necklace comes in sterling silver & gold.

The history of Cat Jewelry.

Cats, (Felis silvestris catus), known in Ancient Egypt as "Mau", were considered sacred in ancient Egyptian society.


Based on recent DNA comparisons of living species it has been estimated that cats were first domesticated from the Middle Eastern subspecies of the wildcat about 4500 years ago in the Fertile Crescent.


Many years later, people in what would later be Upper and Lower Egypt had a religion centering on the worship of animals including cats.


Praised for controlling vermin and its ability to kill snakes, such as cobras the domesticated cat became a symbol of grace and poise. The goddess Mafdet, the deification of justice and execution was a lion-headed goddess. The cat goddess bast also known as Bastet, eventually replaced Mafdet and Bast's image softened over time and she became the deity representing protection, fertility, and motherhood.


As a revered animal and one important to Egyptian society and religion some cats received the same mummification after death as humans. Mummified cats were given in offering to Bast, not verified in body.


In 1888 an Egyptian farmer uncovered a large tomb with mummified cats and kittens. This discovery outside the town of Beni Hasan had eighty thousand cat mummies dated after 1000 BC.


In Europe, at about the 1700s, Cat or kitten necklace jewelry became very fashionable. Most pendants were made from wood & semi precious stones for the upper class. Later cats & kitten jewelry were made from gold & silver.


In 2003 Ely started designing cats & kittens, with names delicately crafted into

the cat pendant itself.


Today you can view these magnificent cat necklaces only on our website. You can buy a Personalized cat or kitten necklace at an affordable price & since your cat or kitten necklace will be personalized with your name only crafted especially for you.

You can proudly say that you have  a unique cat necklace with your names crafted


by     Your Monogram Name Necklace.






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