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Art & photographs by Ely

All artwork 
david's citadel jerusalem migdal david art color print

Migdal tower of David citadel art color prints

shema yisrael painting color print art
star of david megan david art color print
Sunset art painting computer color print

Sunset scenery art

Magen David art

abstrace modern art color print paint

Modern abstract art

Shema Yisrael Jewish Hebrew Israel art

winter ice ice on branches scenery photograph art color prints
summer mountain lake flower scenery
Actual color prints of Ely's original artworks

Original photo color prints

Summer scenery of mountains flowers photographs.

Photographs of winter ice on trees & snow scenery art.

When printed to a large size, this beautiful banner measures 10 1/2 by 4 feet 
We can custom make your banner for you.

All Ely's art

fine art drawing painting color print

The first picture in each item art work is the featured selection.

      Photographs in these galleries are slightly blurred to prevent copying.

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