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Shipping prices-Opening your parcel.

Dear Loyal Buyer


Thank You Kindly for buying your personalized name necklace from me.

Enjoy wearing your initial monogram name necklace .


Sincerely ELY    

Shipping charges for special delivery only.

We do not add a shipping fee for regular shipping for buyers.

A parcel can take from 7 to 12 days to be delivered.

A tracking number is provided with your necklace.---USA only.

If a buyer requests a priority 2 to 3 day shipping delivery,---USA only.

The price is $14.00.

RUSH Express shipping, 1 to 2 days, always includes tracking & is $27.00.---USA only.


Once in a while a tracking number will not be able to be traced do to a software problem in the shipping system---but rest assured, even if this occurs, you will receive your necklace.


If you have an account with FEDEX or UPS Please provide us with a label from these

companies & we will ship your necklace as per your instructions.


If you do not have an account with either FEDEX or UPS & you wish to have your 

necklaces shipped with these two shippers then we will apply shipping charges accordingly, depending on how you prefer to have your necklaces shipped.

For our international buyers, rates for shipping will be quoted upon request.



How your necklace will be shipped--

REMOVING YOUR NECKLACE from the envelope

your monogram name necklace
  • Your necklace will arrive in a white bubble cushioned envelope.

  • Envelope measures 7 1/2 by 5 inches.

  • Hold the envelope upright.

  • Make sure your necklace stays at the bottom of envelope. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting your neklace.

  • Please "CUT" top of the envelope with a scissor.

  • Your necklaces will all be packed in a secure ziplock plastic baggie.

  • Your necklace is a refined piece of jewelry. When removing your necklace from the ziplock bag, please remove your necklace very slowly so as not to tangle or tear the chain.

  • If you bought 2 or more necklaces, they will all be shipped in one bubble envelope. Please make sure you remove all your necklaces from the bubbled envelope.

  • Please contact me to let me know that you received your necklace safely.

  • Most important -----Enjoy wearing your custom HANDMADE personalized name initial necklace Jewelry, made just for you.

In this envelope is
    Your,  Monogram, Name Necklace,
     initial, personalized and handmade by hand just for you.
by   Ely      Enjoy     &
I hope to hear from you again.........
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