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Hebrew necklace.

With literally many choices of our Jewish personalized jewelry, you're certain to find the design of a fashion Jewish name necklace of your dreams  & more unique exqusite styles crafted with Hebrew names in silver and gold.

Please click on any picture to find the style necklace you would like to buy
personalized name family tree of life hebrew jewish necklace pendant

Hebrew Family tree of life 


jewish hebrew kid personalized silver name necklace
insect hebrew name necklace personalized gold silver

Bee, butterfly necklaces  with your Hebrew names

personalized name chai pendant necklace gold silver

Chai necklace

Israel map necklace personalized hebrew names gold

Israel map necklace.

hebrew jewish heart necklace name personalized silver pendant

Heart Hebrew name necklace 

jewish star magen david silver personalized name necklace

Magan David necklace.

hebrew initial monogram personalized necklace silver gold

Monogram necklace personalized with Hebrew initials

Shema yisrael jewish hebrew gold necklace pendant

Shema  necklace.

hebrew name necklace personalized silver gold pendant

Hebrew name necklace 

hebrew kitty cat personalized name necklace

 Hebrew cat necklace.

hebrew rose jewish name necklace personalized silver gold

Jewish flower rose name necklace

This Kiddish cup is hand carved with the look of Jerusalem's Western Wall. Special carving tools were used to create this realistic look. Also known in Hebrew as the Kotel Hamaravi.


Custom made from gold, silver, copper & brass.

Inspired by Jewish culture and dedicated to a vision of beauty,

Ely is characterized by his unique designs

made with great attention to detail.


                          All our Hebrew jewelry is handmade.

Ely's designs are influenced by the landscapes & holy places of Israel and Biblical stories, and these are reflected in his work.

Be inspired

We are sure you will love Ely's Jewish jewelry collection.

We will assist you with your Hebrew name orders.

  We can be reached by phone  

the phone number is  307 203 5492

Video conversation on skype is available.

The History of Jewish jewelry


One of the most popular ways for Jewish people across the globe to connect with, and show off their heritage is by wearing Jewish jewish jewelry, of which there are incalculable types. These include, for example, classics that never go out of style such as Hamsa Jewelry, Chai and Star of David Necklaces and Hebrew name necklace.


As of late, Jewish Jewelry designers have pushed their creativity to new limits, crafting Jewish charms “with a twist,” such as a silver or gold Star of David, mezuzah pendants (a combination of two highly Jewish-associated symbols). Naturally, Jewish jewelry makes for exceptionally popular birthday and bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah gift. Increasingly more popular, spiritual Kabbalah Jewelry is fashioned from esoteric symbols and designs. Some of the most popular symbols used for Kabbalah jewelry are the famous red string, evil eye and the “Tree of Life.”


Perhaps the symbol most associated with Judaism is the Star of David. There are many explanations behind the meaning of this esoteric emblem. One explanation, for example, asserts that it was engraved on King David’s warrior’s shields. In Judaica, the Star of David is used for Jewelry, wall-hangings, key chains, and more. Interestingly, it is one of the few pieces of Jewish jewelry worn by both men and women.


Hamsa, Arabic for the number five, is one of the oldest religious symbols. Also called “Hand of Miriam” or “Hamsa Hand,” this talisman is popular especially among those who seek protective charms. There are Hamsa pendants, Hamsa earrings, Hamsa bracelets and even rings! Due to the Hamsa‘s believed protecting qualities, many people use it not just for Jewelry-purposes but also as a wall-hanging, in order to protect their homes. This amulet is extremely pervasive and is also very popular among many non-Jews.


One of the most up-to-the-minute trends in Jewish jewelry is the addition of Roman Glass which has a striking combination of yellows, blues, and pinks that create a rare and unique piece of jewelry. After two thousand years of subterranean rest, the colors of the glass are formed from the chemical reaction between glass, earth, and air.


Jewish jewelry is yet another example indicating the increasing popularity and awareness of Judaism. It is a unique way both to adorn your body and take pride in your religion and its marvelous history.


Many designers are making Jewish jewelry like Megan Davids, Chai necklaces, a Shema necklace,  Hamsa, Jewish tree of life & Kabbalah jewelry, personalized with your Hebrew names or with your Hebrew initials.


Today Jewish personalized jewelry is very popular. Ely designed unique Jewish necklaces with Hebrew names.


Here at         Ely Gold Art

you can find the perfect necklace gift for a cherished loved one.

Ely will custom make & design a handcrafted classic Hebrew necklace, just for you.

The ideas are endless.

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