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English kid name necklace. 


Hello everybody. We are a Boy girl name necklace. We can be made as a Boy or a Girl.

We can also be made into many styles & variants.

Since there are many of us on this page, it would take for us too long to mention all our names.

But, you can buy us from

Your Monogram Name Necklace.

We can be a great gift for Mom or Grandma.

We are all made with your names & most important we are Handmade by Ely.

We are adorable, cute silver Kids & affordable too.

Can you recognize us? We were sent to President Obama 6 years ago.
boy girl kid name necklace personalized
personalized boy girl kid name initial necklace
boy girl initial name neckace
You can click on us to see a very big picture. Don't worry it won't hurt, but it may tickle us
Boy girl name necklace.

Buying a, Boy girl kid necklace, can be as confusing as ever due to many styles & varients you can choose from & the number of kids that can be crafted together. 


  • For boy girl kid necklaces---Please type your names as you would like them to appear on your kid pendant.

  • Select a ROPE or LINK chain & tell us the length of the chain from 14 to 18 inches.

  • Please select a finish, MATTE, SHINY, FLORENTINE. The 3D ENGRAVED finish, extra charges apply.

  • If your selection is more immaginative for selecting your, kid necklace, then we will be glad to speak to you in person to address your requests & concerns---------

  • Our phone number is 307 203 5492.    We have SKYPE & FACEBOOK service as well.

Throughout the centuries, there have been many reasons for babies, children & older adults wearing boy, girl &, baby necklaces, made from different hard materials including from gold & silver.


Kid Jewelry, for infants, children & older adults made from gold or silver has become increasingly fashionable in the last 30 years, but children have worn jewelry throughout history, for reasons as varied and interesting as the pieces of jewelry themselves. The same jewelry also worn by mothers & Grandmothers.


There are many references to the wearing of infant and, children's jewelry, over the centuries, both in historical literature as well as the bible. In ancient times jewelry made from shells, animal teeth, animal hair and timber were worn by infants. These early pieces were worn for fashion as well as for superstitious reasons; for example, to ward off evil spirits. In many cultures in ancient times, including European, African, American and Pacific, babies were often presented with a, jewelry item, at birth. Often a, simple necklace, or bracelet would be given - as often to baby boys as girls. Just as jewelry has evolved over the centuries, so have the reasons for wearing it.


Over the last 25 years Ely has designed & created, boy girl necklace pendants, & personalize each kid with your names meticulously crafted into each pendant. These necklaces, come in many beautiful styles. Every, pendant, is handmade so there are no two alike. Some of these pendants are made in pairs. You can also have up to 4 kids in a row of boys or girls or both all meticulously handcrafted in different sizes from 1 inch tall to 1 1/2 inches tall.

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