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Signature Necklace

Nothing is more unique and personal than your signature. It is Your precious name in your handwriting & no other person can copy or forge it. Your name is given to you by your loving family, but your Precious signature is your very own. 
It's the calligraphy you've been practicing your whole life & it is your personal signature. 
A signature necklace makes a thoughtful, unique and generous gift for both men and women or for the love of your life, so wear your signature with honor & pride.
Important writing Instructions for your signature necklace. 
  • Please do not write with a pen that leaks or skips ink.

  • Do not worry about the size of your signature. We will size it acoordingly to your necklace.

  • Write your signature on white paper only.

  • Try to write your signaure on paper that has no lines, as this may interfere with the crafting process.

  • After you wrote your signature, place it on a scanner glass of your printer &  

  • set the resolution to about 600 & scan.


  •                    If you are using a camara.


  • Hold your camera "directly" above your signature as close to your signature as possible & just take the picture.

  • Please email the photograph   HERE     &    We will do the rest.............

Your signature name necklace is meticulously handcrafted with a saw frame using delicate saw blades. Weather it is in a Gold necklace or a Silver necklace.
Your signature pendant will look exactly like your hand signed signature in every detail.
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