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Boy Hebrew name necklace. Silver boy name necklace.

Hi Everyone, my name is Max or in Hebrew Pinchus Abboh I am only 1 inch tall & am made from 14K gold.
GEE, I have 3 names, all meticulously handcrafted.
I am priced in silver but I could be handmade in white, yellow gold or rose gold.

A girl pendant necklace can be made in this style, or any style you choose from other photographs of boy girl kids........

HGB 46

    • I Come with a shiny or matte finish.
    • Choose a rope or link chain. Chains come from 14 to 18 inches long.
    • The 3D hand engraved finish is $25.00 for each boy or girl pendant.
    • I am Available in gold too.

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